IMSWARE webinars

IMS is now offering webinars for customers and interested parties. Whether from the office or home office, you have the possibility from anywhere at any time IMSWARE get to know better. The webinar topics range from “operator responsibility” to “from BIM to CAFM”.

Are you already a customer and want to take a closer look at the software? Then take a look at the webinar “AI as a savior?”. You are not yet using IMSWARE and are interested in the software? Then register for the webinar "Introduction to CAFM: Costs, Benefits, Opportunities".

If the desired content is not included: please write us one E-mail with your desired topic. Or arrange a 1: 1 webinar on your desired date.

Participation in the webinars is of course free of charge for you.

What do I need to participate in the webinar?

  • Speakers / headphones
  • possibly a camera
  • A current browser
  • You will receive a participation link after confirming your registration
Webinars IMSWARE

Participation and registration

Participation is possible directly via your web browser. You only need headphones or speakers and, if necessary, a camera.

Below you can choose from various webinar topics. For more information or to register, simply click on "Register now". You can then register for the webinar on the desired date. You will then be notified by email and you can have the appointment automatically entered in Outlook, for example.

Our speakers

The webinars are carried out by our experts.


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Dipl.-Ing Michael Heinrichs

As managing director, Michael Heinrichs is responsible for IMS and is active in other subsidiaries. He has been a lecturer for CAFM./ as a graduate engineer (M.Eng.)

IMS Team Christof Duvenbeck
Dr. Christof Duvenbeck

Dr. Christof Duvenbeck is responsible for Key Accouting and is Director International Sales. In addition to active project management, he develops current topics such as BIM or AI together with our customers, right through to standard implementation.

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