IMSWARE.FTTx - More transparency in the fiber optic network.

Modern data communication needs more and more speed. They deliver fiber-optic cables, including fiber-optic networks. Plan the necessary broadband expansion and manage it perfectly with IMSWARE.FTTx.

IMSWARE.FTTx is designed precisely for the requirements of fiber optic networks. CAD and GIS systems are already integrated. You can use drag & drop to plan routes that are already simple in the system.

From your planning, IMSWARE.FTTx automatically calculates the optimal route - with all necessary conduits, branches, boxes and other elements, from the distributor to the house connection. And if you want, beyond that.

Together with your installation plans, IMSWARE.NET also provides the material lists and cost calculations.

And if there is an obstacle when removing it, it is certainly documented: when logged in directly from the construction site, you can correct the course of the route directly in the system. This keeps your network data correct.

Tell us your goals - we will be happy to advise you on the solution.

IMSWARE.FTTX energy port

Your advantages:

All this is offered by IMSWARE.FTTx:

  •   Fiber optic network planning on- and offline
  •   CAD and GIS systems directly integrated
  •   Numerous FTTx components already deposited
  •   As an on-premise, own-cloud or SaaS solution
  •   For fiber optic / fiber optic / FTTx networks
  •   Planning, expansion and operation in one system
  •   Integrated CAD and GIS
  •   Standard modules created in the system
  •   Easy administration
  •   Fast roll-out
  •   Optimal transparency

IMSWARE.FTTx modules at a glance

Base system

≙ basic modules

Ergänz possible additions

Property management

Every data model is different. The IMSWARE object management module provides the necessary flexibility ...

Reports /
Report generator

Rights management /

Office interfaces


Web technology (HTML5)

workflow management

LDAP interface /
Single sign ON

Import Interface
(Excel, csv, Access)

DMS interfaces

E-workflow interfaces

Dashboard Professional

E-mail interfaces

CAD connection

The IMSWARE module CAD is more than a virtual drawing board ... more info

(Building Information Modeling)

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, describes technologies that make it possible, among other things, to make buildings smarter. ...more info

IMSWARE.FTTx | Fiber management
  • FTTx planning / documentation / basis
  • Automated FTTx planning
  • Revision
IMSWARE.FTTx Network Management with Software

Even with fiber optics on wire

IMSWARE.FTTx is one of the most advanced solutions for fiber optic and fiber optic networks. Their extensive catalogs, the integration of GIS systems and the option to retrieve IMSWARE.FTTx from the cloud are unparalleled in the market.

Accordingly, large carriers and numerous small suppliers to public utilities rely on the performance of IMSWARE.FTTx. They all plan, build and operate their fiber networks with IMSWARE.FTTx.

Manage your fiber optic installation reliably and securely - with IMSWARE.FTTx.

Everything on board

IMSWARE.FTTx shows you at any time how it looks in your fiber optic network, in the office on the desktop as well as onsite on your smartphone or tablet PC.

To ensure that planning and construction of your FTTx network is as easy and safe as possible, numerous typical components are already stored in IMSWARE.FTTx: From empty conduits to distributors, you can find several hundred records of the leading manufacturers in the system's catalogs.

Faster productive, and certainly - IMSWARE.FTTx.

IMSWARE.FTTx brochure

IMSWARE.FTTx - Brochure

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