CAFM Software for professionals

Facility management is complex and efficient to master only with CAFM software. This is the field of IMSWARE.

IMSWARE is a professional, highly sophisticated CAFM software: even the basic system is very powerful and of course fully GEFMA 444 certified.

Combined with its numerous modules for special application fields, its cloud connection and its apps, IMSWARE delivers the perfect solution for your CAFM tasks. And the flexible data model also offers you individual customizability.

Tell us your goals - we will be happy to advise you on the solution.


CAFM Software - IMSWARE.CAFM screenshot locking systems

Your advantages:

All this is offered by IMSWARE.CAFM:

  •   Basic system opt. incl. 3D-CAD, BIM ready
  •   35+ modules from budget to technology management
  •   Fully GEFMA444 certified across all modules
  •   Install at your site or from the cloud
  •   Inhouse or ASP
  •   Free advice in advance
  •   Data transfer including CAFM connect, BIM, IoT
  •   Standardized workflows
  •   Ticket system, messenger, chat
  •   Evaluations, Reports & Dashbords
  •   A solution for CAFM, IWMS, Real Estate
  •   Offline APPs for Apple iOS and Google Android
  •   IoT (Internet Of Things)
  • Multilingual

Overview CAFM Software modules

What is CAFM Software? What are the modules about?

Base system

Additional module

Base system

Information management starts with a flexible basis. In addition to the unlimited availability of extensive object information, you immediately create transparency in your portfolio and thus also for further planning. No matter in which area you want to use IMSWARE: Everything starts here.

Base system

≙ basic modules

Ergänz possible additions

Property management

Every data model is different. The IMSWARE object management module provides the necessary flexibility ...

Reports /
Report generator

Rights management /

Office interfaces


Web technology (HTML5)

workflow management

LDAP interface /
Single sign ON

Import Interface
(Excel, csv, Access)

DMS interfaces

E-workflow interfaces

Dashboard Professional

E-mail interfaces

CAD connection

(Building Information Modeling)

(Internet of Things)

Infrastructural FM
  • locking system management
  • Fleet management
  • budget management
  • Works beings
  • Action planning
  • Order
  • Warehouse management
  • Timed billing
  • Warranty Management
  • Rental management including operating cost accounting
  • Contract management
  • Status management
  • ERP interfaces
  • Diocesan budget planning
  • REG-IS interface
  • Technical plant management (TGA)
  • Energy management
  • BMS interfaces
  • Electrical testing (Mebedo interface)
  • Parcel Management
  • Leasehold
  • Land Registry
  • Land Transport
  • Lease
  • Green space management
  • GIS interfaces
  • Helpdesk
  • Maintenance
  • Inventory
  • Asset

FM software with IMSWARE.CAFM meeting system

IMSWARE.CAFM group discusses system

Future already integrated

In IMSWARE.CAFM, the future is already integrated: BIM data can be imported and edit. IoT and AI are part of the roadmap. The cloud has been on board for a long time. And apps make you even more flexible in working with your CAFM system.

As you can see, with IMSWARE you get the best of IT worlds. Combine your on-premise installation with an own cloud. Make your system mobile and use APP, Or you can transfer your facility management software into one SaaS solution for CAFM. This creates space for other tasks.

No matter what you choose - IMSWARE has already integrated the future.

Overview of the CAFM software

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CAFM Software - brochure (german language)

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