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A clear view. Safe operation.

A building can only be used in a long-term and sensible manner if the technical and sanitary facilities of a property work reliably. Professional maintenance ensures the safe functioning of all components, saves time and creates transparency in terms of damage frequency, downtime and costs. Also on the important topic Operator responsibility it is a central pillar to create legal certainty. The module IMSWARE Maintenance supports you in all these aspects and offers much more.

Maintenance management adapted to your needs

Your data at a glance. At any time.

Everything included

Contracts, manuals, maintenance instructions, lubrication plans, technical and commercial data - all this is integrated by the IMSWARE maintenance module. This means that those responsible have the necessary documents at hand at all times and can make immediate decisions. Thanks to REG-IS integration, all legally relevant specifications are also object-specific and available in the currently valid version. So you always have everything with you.


Everything in view

Which tasks are acute? Who can be found where? The IMSWARE Maintenance module answers questions like these immediately. And also many other questions. To do this, IMSWARE Maintenance monitors current work, sends orders, can escalate, sends memos and, if the time is exceeded, alerts those responsible. And for added transparency, it also offers a graphic display. So everything stays in view.

Everything secured

Whether function, safety or operator responsibility - the IMSWARE Maintenance module ensures that everything runs optimally. It integrates its own staff, external companies and service providers. It provides evaluations and reports, can be used for cost comparison and benchmarking. Plants run optimally, costs are reduced, safety increases, maintenance is transparent. And you stay on the safe side.


  • Ensure optimal performance of devices and systems
  • Reduce maintenance and repair expenses
  • Increased security as part of operator responsibility
  • Effective staff support
  • Cost transparency and comparison with a variety of evaluation options

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