IMSWARE integrates Signotec pads

IMSWARE integrates Signotec pads

IMSWARE 2018 now integrates the signature pads of signotec, For example, integrated in workflows, in the course of inspections, cleaning and maintenance work or in the context of key management can now use the pads to legally binding signatures directly into the CAFM system be made.

IMSWARE bi-directionally activates Signotec's Signature Pads: Text and graphics can be displayed on the pads before the signature can be made. The signature is made by means of an inductive pen belonging to the pad and stored directly in IMSWARE in a revision-proof manner.

"By integrating Signotec's signature pads, we offer our customers a higher level of secure documentation," says Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of IMS. "The direct transfer to our audit-proof CAFM system IMSWARE makes every signed signature immediately binding," confirms Heinrichs.

The new level of security comes in particular in any activity in the context of Operator responsibility to carry. Likewise, it is useful in all fiscal relevant activities, in Reading meter readings important as well as to acknowledge activities in the context of key issues, deliveries or for binding confirmation upon receipt of equipment, tools and technical equipment.

The signaturec signature pads can be connected with IMSWARE from version 2018, further details and prices are available directly with us.

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