IMSWARE 2018: Faster, more intuitive, more individual

IMSWARE 2018: Faster, more intuitive, more individual

As of now, the new version is the CAFM software IMSWARE available. The update mentioned in IMSWARE 2018 contains among other things numerous innovations, which were added on customer request. For this purpose, a new CAD core has been implemented and the performance significantly increased. The topic of usability is also covered by IMS.

With the current version IMSWARE 2018 has Manufacturer IMS improved its CAFM software in many areas. As part of the editing of graphics, a significant improvement in performance was achieved. In addition, the integrated CAD editor is now also used in block processing and thus system-wide.

In the area of usability, too, IMSWARE has taken another step forward and is now even more intuitive. In addition, browser windows can be called up directly in IMSWARE, which additionally simplifies the work and allows the integration of external applications seamlessly. IMSWARE has also become more efficient in the context of automation. For example, in the removal management room sketches can be automatically generated and assigned to a workflow as a file attachment, so that the execution of even third parties such as moving companies visually easily be detected.

IMS has completely revised the relationship maintenance in IMSWARE. It now enables intuitive and more effective data maintenance. The Power Filter for targeted searches is more deeply integrated into the system and provides even more detailed insights. "In addition to these major changes, we've also improved IMSWARE in many details and picked up on a number of customer requests," says Michael Heinrichs, IMS Managing Director: "This enables individual clients to make their work with IMSWARE even more efficient and more responsive to their individual needs tailor. "

The current IMSWARE 2018 release is available now from IMS. Existing customers download them free of charge in the customer area, new customers receive them automatically.

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