Energy management ISO 50001

IMSWARE user meeting 2010

For companies and organizations, energy management is a new, but very topical, task area with which success and future viability can be significantly influenced.

The objectives are: to reduce the costs of energy such as gas, oil, electricity and water. However, the energies generated within the organization, such as steam or compressed air, deserve attention, as there are also clear savings and optimization potentials.

How can a successful energy management be introduced into the organization?

On everyone's lips are DIN EN ISO 50001 and the European Energy Award (EEA). Both methods aim to reduce costs, raise awareness and relieve the environment. The DIN EN ISO 50001 aims at companies and the EEA at municipalities, cities and districts. However, they are similar in their objectives and the procedures that lead to a certification or award ceremony are very similar and based on the well-known DIN EN 9001.

IMS supports and advises on the introduction of effective energy management, The current processes are examined and analyzed and optimized together with the energy representative or the energy team already created.

In the foreground are usually non-investment measures or behavioral changes that show results very quickly and are effective. With the IMSWARE.CAFM Module Energy Management, the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001 as well as the EEA are met and an efficient reporting system is established.

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