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In order to be able to comply with their various obligations under the law, the Joseph Society from Cologne now IMSWARE introduced. The company operates clinics and disability facilities, among others. With the CAFM software The non-profit GmbH will also manage medical devices correctly. In addition, the approximately 10,000 employees should have an easy way to digitally send messages to home automation. For this reason, the CAFM solution includes, among other things, a transparent notification and feedback system, which also includes the use of IMSWARE.APPs includes.

"With IMSWARE, we are making a big step towards data security and traceability for repairs and services," explains Stephan Berner, project manager of the Josefs-Gesellschaft. Advantages of IMSWARE are the large scope of services, the adaptation of the software for different users and the flexibility of Web Client and apps. In addition, the CAFM system is also very interesting for young employees.

About the Josefs Society

The Josefs-Gesellschaft, headquartered in Cologne, is a non-profit Catholic institution of hospitals and facilities for people with disabilities, youth and senior citizens. The building stock of the Josefs-Gesellschaft at more than 80 locations, in five federal states, is extensive and can be managed in a very sophisticated manner with its diverse range of tasks. The Josefs-Gesellschaft includes, among other things: - Residential facilities for people with disabilities- Residential facilities for young people- Retirement homes- Day care centers- General education- Vocational training- Vocational training centers- Vocational training centers- Workshops for people with disabilities- Integration companies- Hospitals- Medical care centersThe Josefs-Gesellschaft was founded 1904 by pastor Heinrich summer in the Sauerland Bigge Olsberg.

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