BIM World Munich: BIM and CAFM presented integratively

BIM World 2019 Review IMS

In the third year of its presence at the BIM World Munich, IMS also received a lot of support with IMSWARE and its connectivity to BIM. For the first time together with the RIB software At one booth, BIM and CAFM scenarios could be presented directly and integratively.

The IMS Guide to BIM & CAFM underlined the BIM competence from Dinslaken additionally. Complemented by the mapping table CAFM <-> BIM based on the IFC4 standard, it offers a good introduction to the topic. At the same time, the papers provide important tools for practical use. The guide uses current BIM projects as a basis. They make the topic around the modeling, import and processing of data structures for Facility Management directly understandable.

With more than 6,500 visitors this year, the BIM World Munich has now established itself as the largest event in DA-CH for the digitization of the construction and real estate industry. IMS exhibited together with the RIB software at booth 6. The RIB presented the first vertical cloud for the construction and real estate industry as well as the mobile solution iTWO site for the digital construction site from tomorrow.

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