FM software for hospitals, clinics and care

For your healthy facility management.

In clinics and hospitals, the safety of visitors and staff is just as important as patient safety. And so a CAFM system must be able to incorporate aspects such as operator responsibility and medical technology in addition to home automation.

IMSWARE.CAFM has been at Klinken for many years. The system supports operators of hospitals in all relevant aspects: from the requirements within the operator responsibility to the conditions imposed by the Medical Devices Act, from the requirements of a revision-proof cleaning documentation to the planning of new construction and conversion.

Hospitals in the ecclesiastical and communal sponsorship, university hospitals, hospital associations and also Swiss hospitals count on this range of services.

Tell us your goals - we will be happy to advise you on the solution.

Hospital, clinic, care - person uses IMSWARE on tablet

FM for Hospitals - Benefits with IMSWARE.CAFM

  • Transparent maintenance
  • Transparent exam
  • Proof of instruction
  • Complete documentation
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Direct document access
  • time savings
  • cost cutting
  • Optimized FM processes
  • Portal station module
  • Medical
  • Medical device testing
  • MPG, MPBetreibV
  • MTK / STK
  • fault management
  • Maintenance and inspection plans
  • operator obligations
  • REG.IS integration

Achieve more - with IMSWARE:

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