IMSWARE for energy service providers

More power for FM and maintenance

Efficiency, effectiveness, yield - these are key aspects that energy service providers must keep an eye on. Even with the technology used.

IMSWARE supports you in the professional organization of your processes around facility, technology and network management.

As a CAFM system, IMSWARE accompanies maintenance and servicing, provides histories and assures you the complete documentation of masts and routes to the heat cost allocator.

As a network management system, IMSWARE provides you with the topography of your installations, shows you all the components you are using right through to your specific task and creates transparency right through to the connection box.

This makes IMSWARE the powerful all-round tool for all tasks relating to your facility and network management. And it explains why our customers include local public utilities as well as regional electricity and gas utilities, power plant operators and large nationwide network operators.

Tell us your goals - we will be happy to advise you on the solution.

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IMSWARE advantages for energy service providers

  • cost control
  • transparency
  • Unique assignment
  • Conserve resources
  • legal compliance
  • Eligible (BAFA)
  • Zeiterspanis
  • cost reduction
  • Optimized processes

Achieve more - with IMSWARE:

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