CAFM software at universities and colleges

The tool of knowledge experts.

Universities and colleges are like small cities: they have dormitories and office buildings. On their grounds there are parks, gardens and sports facilities. Their departments use laboratories, lecture theaters and numerous seminar rooms. There is often a stage, always a library, sometimes even a university hospital. And at all times of the day and night there is public traffic.

Keeping track of things here is a Sisyphus job: even the maintenance and maintenance of objects to devices leads to thousands of units that need to be managed.

In addition there is the cleaning of the different soils with their different intensity of use. The control of service providers. The reporting of defects so that they can be eliminated promptly.

And as if that were not enough, the requirements in the context of operator responsibility are so diverse that this important duty can not be mastered without powerful tools.

IMSWARE gives you control and security at every stage of the operation. And for all objects and tasks that you need to keep in mind. And: We also do our own research - and have already been awarded twice by the Stifterverband für rgr.

Tell us your goals - we will be happy to advise you on the solution.

Universities and colleges

Benefits for universities and colleges

  • Strengthen sustainability goals
  • Lifecycle Management
  • condition assessment
  • Conference room reservation
  • energy controlling
  • Medical Device check
  • Network Management
  • Many more modules

Achieve more - with IMSWARE:

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