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IMS in a nutshell

IMS has been around since 1987, and we do software from the beginning. And software for complex requirements. In doing so, we have grown from telephone administration via network management to facility management.

And today? We are among the best providers of CAFM and network management solutions in the German and European market, with well-known customers and many sophisticated solutions.

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Our main product is called IMSWARE. At its core, it is software used as a client-server solution for both cable and building management. In fact, both areas can be integrated into a single system, which is quite complex. But that's not all:

Since 2015, IMSWARE is also available as a cloud solution IMSWARE.GO! It uses the same databases as the client-server solutions and is thus fully compatible with them. Users can therefore operate both solutions in parallel and thus serve a wide range of requirements. And if that is not enough?

Of course, we still have specific apps on offer. They are tailor-made for the little things that have to be done in everyday life. We are constantly developing new apps to meet other customer needs. All apps are available for both iOS and Android.

Who trusts IMS

Numbers are facts

IMS has completed over 500 projects for clients, with more than 52,500 users currently using IMSWARE-based solutions. In order to serve our customers as well as possible, IMS has three locations in Germany as well as one in Switzerland and one in Dubai.

IMS does not have a narrow industry focus. Our software solutions are used in many different industries. This includes
banks and insurance companies
Energy service
Facility Management Service Provider
Trade and Retail
Hospital, clinics, care
Sports facilities
Housing industry

IMSWARE also supports local, educational and social clients:
Cities and municipalities
Church carrier
social facilities
Sports facilities

Why to IMS?

That's a good question. There are several CAFM providers in the country. There are more software houses everywhere. And Dinslaken is not the navel of the world, even if our license plate DIN suggests otherwise.

So we have to have something to offer - and we have. Certainly!

Even if it sounds a bit wide-legged: Yes, it's true. IMS is good. And that's not what we say, but the performance matrix of CAFM manufacturers in Germany.

There we are in the top group for a long time. It is characterized by competence and sustainability. So we know what we do. We know what will be done soon. And we do both very professionally.

Incidentally, this is also reflected in the results our trainees have achieved over the years. There will hardly be a company that has as good an average score as IMS. It is not mass that makes the difference. It's class!

Great testimonials and recommendations are helpful, but in the end, it's always the human being who stands in front of us. So we're not so interested in where you're from, what passport you carry in your pocket, what university you graduated with - and if anything.

More important to us is what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and where you see yourself in our team.

Convince us and you can decide and design with a lot of scope and freedom.

The fact that IMS is popular is best shown by the number of satisfied employees. At the review portal kununu we stand well with our cut.

And those who look past our company will be even more aware of it: we like to work together. All together. And that is supposed to stay that way.

Every employee of IMS should feel comfortable with us, because here you spend many hours a week. Therefore, we like to relax working hours with supplementary offers. This includes the employee breakfast, but also the kicker league.

Working hours can be made more flexible if necessary. There is the option for working from the home office. And with personal problems, we support employees through a variety of commitment. Because we think that's just part of it.

There has been IMS since 1987, and during this time we have learned to appreciate many people as employees. There are currently over 70 people working for IMS, and in perspective there will be more.

We take over practically all our trainees. And we've only given notice five times in the past 30 years. So we rely on long-term employment. On development of employees. And on their protection, because perspectives need a stable framework. Yours like ours.

In order to maintain the good working atmosphere at IMS, mutual esteem is extremely important to us.

On the one hand, this means for us recognizing and, where possible, promoting the skills and talents of our employees. This can be done internally, but also through workshops, seminars or postgraduate studies.

It means that we do not hold any nasty taunts and consistently stop things like bullying. We ensure that conflicts are properly moderated and delivered to a result acceptable to all parties that everyone accepts.

It means that flat hierarchies means open doors - in the truest sense of the word and also with the two bosses. So if you want to clarify something, you do not have to wait long.

This open approach has proven to be a plus in dealing with each other. And no one leaves us there.

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Try it?

Granted, that's just a glimpse and of course filtered through our glasses. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to talk to us. Or to apply immediately. We are constantly looking for additional employees, because IMS is growing and still has a lot of potential.

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