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IMS is a software manufacturer. And: IMS is very successful!

That is why we are always looking for talented, dedicated and interested people who enrich our team. At our locations in Dinslaken, Berlin, Philippsburg, Zurich and Dubai. Or in free collaboration, as a working student or intern.

We look forward to the conversation with you!

Career in Facility Management at IMS GmbH
Career at IMS - Customer Presentation

Why to IMS?

That's a good question. There are several CAFM providers in the country. There are more software houses everywhere. And Dinslaken is not the navel of the world, even if our license plate DIN suggests otherwise.

So we have to have something to offer - and we have. Certainly!

We do not like it complicated and you certainly do not. We want you to work efficiently as well as we do.

That's why we've put together some important application tips. This makes our job easier and increases your chances of convincing us. Because:

We look forward to the conversation with you!


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