Facility Management

CAFM – perfect property and facility management, fully certified.

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Network Management

NET – the fully integrated system for network / cable management and billing.

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Fiber management

FTTx – the comprehensive system for planning and operating fiber optic networks.

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Software for CAFM / IWMS, Networks & FTTx

Complex tasks require powerful software software such as IMSWARE.

We are software specialists for CAFM, Network Management and FTTx planning and installation.

IMSWARE supports processes in a variety of ways and flexibly. This makes their users more efficient and creates added security. Of course, also with liability and operator obligations.

You want to use cloud services? You need a web help desk or apps? IMSWARE flanks your facility management with exactly the software tools you need.

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IMSWARE - IMSWARE.GO! Screens mock up

CAFM Software and Network Management with IMSWARE and IMSWARE.GO!

Transparency, efficient workflows, fast results, cost reduction and security.

Easy handling

Self-explanatory and logical. With this, IMSWARE quickly establishes itself as your central IWMS and network software.


Showing performance, raising potential, documenting success: reporting in IMSWARE makes it easy for you with dashboards, analyzes and analyzes.

Workflow Management

Structured and secure to the goal, by standard or individualized: You can do this easily with the IMSWARE workflow management.

One database

Whether you work with IWMS, network or both, IMSWARE always refers to the same database format. On-premise, in the cloud, with its' apps. Even migration becomes easy.

More than 35 modules

Compiled individually for you

IMSWARE is modular and flexible. This gives you the opportunity to combine modules as you wish. This is the reason why a wide variety of industries have chosen IMSWARE.


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CAFM modules - module overview FM software


Since 1987 IMSWARE supports users with software for IWMS and network management. Experience that benefits you too!

Registered users
Experience from more than 500 projects
Over 120 standard processes for fast startup
Software specialist since 1987

IMSWARE best practice!

Our projects are based on a proven success method: "IMSWARE best practice!"

CAFM Software IMSWARE Construction plan digitized

These users already benefit from IMSWARE and IMSWARE.GO!

We want every customer to get exactly what he wants. That we succeed in this is evidenced by a large number of companies, institutions and communities. They already manage their processes with IMSWARE today. What these satisfied users say?

In the ticket system, each employee issues [...] messages and can track the progress of the order. Objects list their maintenance intervals, which the system automatically reports when due. [IMSWARE] creates more security and transparency.

Logo Weidmüller Interface GmbH

Weidmüller Interface GmbH

[IMSWARE.GO! supports us in the distribution of hygiene articles in the offices of the city administration. In this way, we benefit [...] from the simplification of the work processes in the office, which is particularly helpful when coping with COVID-19.

Logo City of Koblenz IMSWARE »IMSWARE.de

Koblenz city

Our system has created [...] transparency. The Audit Office [...] can thus check, independent of time, to whom, how often and to what extent contracts have been awarded.

Logo City of Ratingen

City of Ratingen

Construction, control of our construction projects and rental management are core [...] tasks which we accompany with our CAFM system.

Logo Archdiocese of Cologne IMSWARE »IMSWARE.de

Archdiocese of Cologne

Our dynamic environment demands a solution that is able to grow with you. [IMSWARE] is absolutely flexible in this regard. The software can be adapted to changing processes or structures, as it were.


VR networks

We have been controlling our daily workflows and processes with the IMS system for years. 19 modules are still in use today and over 100 users work with IMSWARE every day.


Central IT services

Achieve more - with IMSWARE:

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