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All modules, all functions at any time, including the option of CAD editor (BIM ready) - which offers IMSWARE.

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Questions and answers

1What business can I use IMSWARE?
IMSWARE is an industry-independent software for the maintenance, management and evaluation of properties, networks, machinery and vehicle fleets. An overview can be found here.
2In which areas can I use IMSWARE?
IMSWARE currently has 35+ modules of classic cleaning management, maintenance, servicing up to conference room management, network planning and management. The complete list can be found here.
3What operating system can I use IMSWARE?
As permanent installation IMSWARE works under Windows. All operating systems including the mobile devices use the cloud version IMSWARE.GO! More information can be found here.

Project reports (german)

IMSWARE in daily use. Benefit from the experience and the success of our customers.

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Easy to use,
many ways to use

Network and cacility management are diverse, cost-driven and for each user, an object with own requirements. This requires a powerful and flexible software - a software like IMSWARE.

Should the system to a mobile solution complements, used as a cloud-system or directly as a SaaS offering? At the same performance and the same comfort as a classic IMSWARE installation?

Then your solution is IMSWARE.GO!

Proven and future-proof

Since 1989 our customers manage their facility and network management processes with IMSWARE - more than 500+ companies and organizations with more than 40.000+ users.

The size of the installations is broad and ranges from individual buildings to projects with 20 million objects and 4.000 users.

And if you´ll ever need advice and support, our support is there for you anytime: by hotline, web, remote or on-site.

  • The purchase and administration of the CAFM software by the IT management of county government is a good example of how to optimize the cooperation with a software solution. Additional information can be generated and workload was reduced.
    District of Steinfurt
  • We have full control over our stocks - commercially and technically seen - only since the introduction of IMSWARE. With little effort, we are able to carry out a budget control.
  • The introduction and use of limited budgets was fully supported and our objectives - the customers to give transparency to operations - were achieved within the time schedule.
  • With one click, I immediately see what I have to keep in mind. That's just awesome how this works. Thank you for using class and the good result.
    Baunatal Diakonie Kassel
  • IMSWARE impressed us from the first moment. In addition to the simple customization options on our existing computer structures and the easy software operation, we liked the direct connection between master data, project management and procurement.
    Potsdam Mittelmark district
  • The introduction of the ticket system for orders of expert users and alarms of the building users was important. A message from the order processing is now up to the payroll through the software possible. An immediate higher user satisfaction is achieved through the reduction of information leakage and immediate feedback to the customer.
    Municipality of bar life
  • Observing the development of IMSWARE shows, that IMS is responsive to requests and suggestions of customers and users. It has many improvements in handling and usability. This facilitates the users to handle the product in a good way.
  • Good customer service, professional support and IT performance!
    Central it services Basel
  • The IMS control our daily workflows and processes with the system for years. 19 modules are still in use and over 100 users working daily with IMSWARE.
    Cologne trade fair
  • The collaboration with IMS is simply excellent. The helpfulness, given answers could not be better.
    VR networks
  • Our dynamic environment requires a solution that is able to grow with our needs. IMSWARE is absolutely flexible in this regard. The software can be adapted virtually to any of our actual and future needs.
    Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein
  • In the past we had to move three times with our PBX. The time required is caused thereby, was enormous. This solution we have can significantly reduce the accumulated time and cost. Alone in the track construction we save loose earlier 50 percent of the time in comparison.
    Energy and water for Remscheid
  • The CAFM system, we can manage all surfaces completely. Thus, we create the basis for a strict cost - and performance management.
    University Hospital Essen
  • The IMS software has proved itself in a short time and is expandable.
    City Dinslaken
  • The system is so easy to use that it was quickly adopted and paper messages were no longer found after only a month.
    ZI Mannheim
  • After a 14-day trial run... we could take online quickly all stations and functional areas.
    Hospital WINS
  • Mouse click we get a description of the object, references in the cadastre, on digital documents and paper files, summaries of the technical and commercial relations as well as the infrastructural situation. And in a clear form.
    SV Chemnitz
  • The communication within the project team [...] went very well during the entire implementation phase. Customer satisfaction with IMS is particularly well-marked.
    Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe
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